Timebug.me App

March Fourth, 2013: Today marks the launch of the Timebug.me App (Alpha Version), available for purchase at an introductory low price of $49.95 (license purchase).

This time management and goal-setting application can truly change your life, if you utilize it properly.  You will also receive instructional videos and a free copy of Timebug Inventor, Arman Rousta’s CEO of Me Workshop webinar (90 minutes long, value of $75) on Goal-Setting and Time Management.  Once you make the purchase, you will receive an email with the application attached, for download and immediate use.  You will need Microsoft Excel (Windows 97 or higher) or Excel for Mac in order to operate this Alpha Version of Timebug.  Instructional videos and a pre-recorded goal setting workshop will also be made available to all software customers.


Timebug.me App Features include:

* Set goals for up to one year period, including attribution of all 8,760 hours into your various “bugs” (or plans)

* Customization of “Life Cats” (Categories)

* Setup a CEO of Me Board of Advisors – personal trust network that will help you stay accountable to your various goals

* Goals setup, bug category and Goal Type

* Daily logging or “buggin” capability, enabling you to see whether you are on track or off-pace for particular goals

* Create up to 50 Bugs (ie. Health Bug, Meditation Bug, Love Bug) across different Life categories.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $49.95 (license purchase, one-time fee).

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