CEO of Me Workshop

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: 12/15/15 at 12:30pm EDT

Where: via Webinar   **REGISTER NOW ** $35

(T)ime * (E)nergy = (L)ife

Timebug presents the CEO of Me Workshop, which provides a thorough introduction to a new Life Management paradigm – one that teaches you how to take charge of your Time, Energy and ultimately, your Life.  Participants learn how to become their own life’s CEO through a series of lessons, exercises and exposure to new Life Management tools, like the Timebug Personal Intelligence App.  Timebug’s Founder and serial Entrepreneur, Arman Rousta, will conduct the workshop from the state of the art interactive learning facilities of Anar Studios on the Waterfront (Jersey City, NJ).

This goal-setting workshop is the first step in a full-year program that puts you on a path to mastering your life vision, by creating an ambitious yet attainable set of goals, identifying and minimizing the impact of your most common obstacles [“What is it that ‘gets’ you off track?”], and establishing daily & weekly routines that create enough Energy to get the most important things done.  Before setting all kinds of goals, it is essential that we get an understanding of where we spend our time right now.  Initially, this program is structured to help you increase self-awareness – an essential foundation, upon which an effective life strategy can be built.

Components of the workshop include:

  1. Online webinar with Arman Rousta, the Inventor of Timebug and the CEO of Me System [90 min]
  2. Pre-workshop questionnaire and assessment, to establish your current Time-Energy-Life Status
  3. Intensive training on the Timebug Personal Intelligence App™
  4. Life vision development
  5. Annual goal setup, across 5-Goal Dimensions
  6. Weekly and Day Planning strategies, to stay on track, course correct and evaluate
  7. TEL Optimization™ and rebalancing strategies
  8. CEO of Me™ Board of Advisors creation – Taking control of your time
  9. Review of various Time Management and Goal Setting websites and software applications
  10. Review of the latest Quantified Self gadgets, including Fitbit, Apple Watch and Jawbone UP time band – and training on how to use them

Program Benefits:

  • Become more Conscious of how you invest your Time & Energy; and what activities and interactions give or take Energy.
  • Better organize and manage your Time, Energy and Life overall.
  • Learn new LM (Life Management) and Personal Analytics tools.
  • Create a plan for all 8,760 hours of the upcoming year 2013.
  • Learn how to use the Timebug Life Optimization formula — (T)ime * (E)nergy = (L)ife
  • Establish a support team that can help you stay on track (ie. Board of Advisors, gym buddy, peer review partner, etc).
  • Live a more fulfilling life.
  • Achieve your goals.
  • Positively influence those around you, by your example and energy overflow.
  • If you are a Life Coach, Mentor, Therapist, Counselor, Trainer, Teacher or Parent, this workshop offers framework tools that you can integrate into your own practice to increase accountability.

Important Topics and Questions That Will Be Addressed:

  • Everyone is a CEO in their own lives.  How to solidify your position as CEO of Me.
  • The Benefits of Daily Meditation – Change your perception of time by slowing down (and if possible, stopping) the mind
  • The Benefits of Exercise
  • The importance of Personal Science – and “getting the data”, which doesn’t have to be perfect.  Numbers tell a different (and often better) story than words.
  • Common Myths about Time Management
  • BHAGs = Big Hairy Audacious Goals…friend or foe?
  • What gets you off track? What else in life do you need to be addressing?

Limited Availability.  ** REGISTER NOW ** $35 for Webinar

Arman Rousta, Timebug Founder

About The Presenter: Arman Rousta, Timebug’s Founder, is a leading time management and productivity expert, who has successfully started, built and sold several companies.  He is currently the CEO of Blueliner Marketing, a top digital marketing agency, whose spin-off division Blueliner Labs, has incubated the Timebug venture.  Arman’s holistic approach to life is reflected in the diverse content of the TEL Workshop and functionality of the App, for which he has been the inventor, chief scientist and guinea pig over the past 10 years.  His passion for balance, between Mind, Body and Spirit, drives the approach to goal setting and Life Optimization which are cornerstones of Timebug applications and workshops.  Previously, Arman founded 401kid and Exeter Technologies, two high-tech ventures.  His insistence on combining intuitive and analytical capabilities in one’s own Personal Science (or Life Planning) Lab are evidenced by his meticulous and now famous “Day Planner” spreadsheets (see a sample below).  Illustrating the principles of life balance, Arman graduated from Columbia University in 1996 as an All-Ivy Student-Athlete, with a dual degree in Psychology and Political-Economics. His personal blog and signature tagline “March Forth” covers a broad spectrum of topics, from Entrepreneurship to Personal Development to Spirituality.

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